The Society now offers four types of memberships: an Active Membership, an Associate Membership, a Student/Retired Membership, and a Corporate Membership.

  • Active Memberships are available to employees of the PTO only.  Sign up using a payroll deduction form.
  • Associate Memberships are open to all individuals unless employed by the PTO.
  • Student & Retired Memberships are available for individuals who are retired or currently enrolled in a fulltime program within the United States and who are not employees of the PTO.
  • Corporate Memberships are available for individuals, or companies, who wish to receive five (5) or more copies of the Journal. These memberships allow the subscribers to receive five (5) copies of the Journal for the price of four (4).


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Please Note: Effective January 1st, 2006 all subscriptions to the Journal have been converted to Memberships. All Memberships with the Patent and Trademark Office Society (Society) not only include a subscription to the Journal of the Patent & Trademark Office Society (JPTOS) but also entitles you to attend the Society’s social and educational events, sometimes at an additional cost. Information regarding these events can be found on the PTOS web page,

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