JPTOS is one of the oldest intellectual property journals in the United States. For nearly one hundred years, we have been at the forefront of the intellectual property debate and we will stay there with your contributions.

For Practitioners:

JPTOS is a publication written by and for the benefit of IP practitioners. We favor topical, practical articles that can be useful to our readers. There is no page length limit, however, articles greater than 40 double spaced pages may have to be split into separate articles.

For Students:

The JPTOS Student Notes section was created to spotlight talent writers currently attending law school. Please limit submissions to twenty-five typewritten pages.

Submission Requirements for Students and Practitioners Articles must be:
  1. Typewritten, double-spaced and available in (just about any) modern word processor format. No PDFs, please.
  2. Bluebooked. We currently use the 19th Edition.
  3. In final form. Please do not send a first draft.
  4. On the topic of copyright, patents and/or trademarks.

Additionally, all submissions must include an electronically signed Grant of License and an author’s resume.

Submissions can be sent to Alexander Sofocleous, JPTOS Editor In Chief. (editor AT jptos DOT org)

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