Categories: Issue Notice
      Date: Aug 12, 2013
     Title: JPTOS Volume 95, Issue 2

The Editors, Administrative Staff and Board of Governors are pleased to announce the newest issue of the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society. 

A Critical Analysis of a Legislative Black Swan in an Age of Preconceived Notions and Special-Interest Lobbying — Charles E. Miller and Daniel P. Archibald
The Big Lawsuits Keep on Coming: An Analysis of Extortive Pornographic “Trolling Lawsuits” and Preventive Approaches — Amy Rosen
ICANN’T Help Myself: Beneficial Adjustments to the New Generic Top-Level Domain Name Expansion Process — Brandon Marsh
Lessons from the Federal Circuit: Avoiding Unpatentability for Life Science Inventions — Brandon Zuniga

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