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      Date: Nov  2, 2016
     Title: Patent No. 5,058,370 A

Written By: Roland Casillas
      Web and Blog Editor

Patent No. 5,058,370 A

Yard Rake with Pick-Up Head

Inventors: Elise M. K. Russell


Description: Fall is now in full swing and leafs having been dropping from trees and need to be cleaned up. As a child, the most enjoyable part of fall time is jumping in large leaf piles in the yard. Before the fun could commence, you had to gather all the leafs from around the yard. To do this a traditional rake was used, most likely.

Here, a newly improved rake was designed for easy use and clean-up purposes. This is a traditional rake with a pick-up head attached to the arm the rake. The pick-up arm is attached via a hinge held by a clamp on the rake handle. The use of this pick-up head is to gather leafs by raking them, as per normal use, then unhinging the pick-up head to grasp the leafs to be moved from one area to the next without the need for an additional device. This allows for a more convenient and easier way to clean and move leafs. When the pick-up head is not in use, it is stored in the upright position out of the way of the user while raking.

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