Categories: Published Articles
      Date: May 13, 2019
     Title: PTAB Practice Tips on Oral Arguments

PTAB Practice Tips on Oral Arguments

James A. Worth

PTAB oral arguments provide an opportunity for parties to highlight select points from their written briefs and to answer questions from the panel hearing the case. Failing to answer questions from the panel is one of the quickest ways to lose credibility with the panel. This article sets forth certain considerations and practice tips for counsel appearing for arguments before the PTAB.

In particular, this article suggests that counsel refrain from relying on evidence not already of record or new theories of a case, that counsel prepare for a wide range of questions based on the record, and with respect to AIA hearings, that counsel may wish to take a flexible approach towards the use of slide presentations and exhibits. This article will address each suggestion in turn, and review some of the animating considerations. 

100 J. Pat. & Trademark Off. Soc’y 572(2019)

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