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      Date: Jul 11, 2021
     Title: SCOTUS Cites JPTOS on Page 2 of Its U.S. v. Arthrex Opinion!

The U.S. Supreme Court cited a Journal of the Patent & Trademark Office Society article on page 2 of its U.S. v. Arthrex opinion, which was decided on June 21, 2021. The article is by former Editor-in-Chief of the Journal, former Examiner-in-Chief of the Board of Appeals, and co-drafter (with Judge Giles S. Rich) of the Patent Act of 1952, Pasquale Joseph ("PJ") Federico (See also Pasquale Joseph Federico, Wikipedia), entitled "Operation of the Patent Act of 1790," 18 J. Pat. Off. Soc. 237, 338-239 (1936). This is a concrete affirmation of the standing JPTOS holds in the field of IP & Patent Law, and further motivation for publishing a forthcoming "Arthrex Issue" as well. You can see the citation below: