Patent No. U.S. 9,170,707 B1

Written By: Roland Casillas, Web and Blog Editor

Patent No. U.S. 9,170,707 B1

Method and System for Generating a Smart Time-Lapse Video Clip

Inventors: Jason N. Laska, San Francisco, CA (US); Greg R. Nelson, San Bruno, CA (US); Greg Duffy, San Francisco, CA (US); Hiro Mitsuji, San Francisco, CA (US); Lawrence W. Neal, Oakland, CA (US); and Cameron Hill, San Francisco, CA (US)

Assignee: Google Inc.

Description: Google has come up with a video surveillance system that records data to be displayed on a user interface. The recorded video data is categorized and displayed as a bar-graph like image for selection by a user. Once a user selects a portion on the timeline, the display will present the recorded data within the specific timeframe. If the user selects a category of video data, the display will present the video images of the instances that were categorized.

This would be very helpful for security procedures, storing instances of people or events that took place around or inside of a building to better assist the police or other officials with an investigation.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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