Patent No. U.S. 9,126,487 B2

Written By: Roland Casillas, Web and Blog Editor

Patent No. U.S. 9,126,487 B2 

Hoverboard which Generates Magnetic lift to Carry a Person

Inventors: D. Gregory Henderson, Shauna Moran, Mitchell Dougherty, Victor Espinoza, Robert William Melvin, James Janicki, David P Olynick

Assignee: Arx Pax, LLC 

Description: Arx Pax has come up with a design and working model for a hoverboard. The hoverboard comprises at least two magnetic engines to create a magnetic field which repels the magnets in the hover engines which causes the board to hover in the air. Like a skateboard or Segway, the hoverboard can move in many directions depending on the motion or angle provided by the rider.

Remembering back to my childhood, seeing Marty McFly scooting away over the water on his hoverboard makes Arx Pax invention a dream come true. Arx Pax has been working on multiple models of the hoverboard and videos of people using them can be found on the Internet.

If you are interested in Physics and how magnetic fields work, reading the specification would be of interest to you. The specification describes how the magnetic engines work to produce Eddy Currents and how the magnetic fields change over time to produce different motions and speeds.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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