Patent No. U.S. 5,742,942 A

Written By: Roland Casillas
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Patent No. U.S. 5,742,942 A

Golf Glove having Club-Gripping Strap

Inventors: Philip K. Sykes

Description: In the continued evolution of golf equipment, Philip patented a golf glove for the handicapped or injured persons who like to play the game. This was done by the use of a strap attached to the golf glove to secure the golf club to the hand without the need of grip strength to hold the club in place.

The design uses Velcro® strap attached to the glove fully encircling the palm side of the golf glove. The strap is wound diagonally or helically around the glove until it attaches to itself on the opposite side. The strap works as a two functions strap, 1) securing the glove on the hand of the golfer and 2) securing the golf club to the hand of the golfer.

This elongated strap being beneficial to those in need of gripping strength assistance so the individuals using this glove would feel secure in their swing, at least for the retention of the club, while playing the game.

Although this glove may be marketed or geared towards injured or handicapped individuals, it would make a great item to have for anyone who is in need of a tool to help them with getting used to gripping a golf club in the proper manner or for those hot days when a person’s hand is far too sweaty to hold on to the golf club.

Golf and it’s theories of swing mechanics have evolved over time and so have the products. More patents relating to golf and their use to come.

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