Patent No. U.S. 5,527,039 A

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Patent No. U.S. 5,527,039 A

Golf Swing Training Aid

Inventors: Claude A. Levesque

Description: In the continued evolution of golf equipment, Claude patented a golf swing training aid to help the swing path of a golfer. This was done by using a body block attached to the shaft of the golf club to train the golfer with the proper club head placement throughout the swing path, i.e. backswing until follow through.

The design uses a body block, which is a flattened piece that attaches to the golf shaft so as to visually aid the golfer in keeping the golf club face in a particular direction throughout their swing. The body block is attached by pinching two different portions of the block on either side of the club shaft using resilient friction members so there is no movement by the body block during use.

The flattened surface exposed to the golfer assists in the visual aid during the golf swing by letting the golfer know when the hands and/or arms have moved in an improper manner, i.e. too much or too little rotation, changing the angle of the club face.

Golf and it’s theories of swing mechanics have evolved over time and so have the products. More patents relating to golf and their use to come.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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