Patent No. U.S. 6,311,631 B1

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Patent No. U.S. 6,311,631 B1

Jet-Propelled Water Board

Inventors: Ronald L. Beecher

Assignee: Ronald L. Beecher

Description: A jet-propelled water board, or a motorized surfboard, was created using a plurality of intake and outtake ports to transfer water to allow the board to be moved with ease. The jet-propelled water board contains a motorized propeller placed at the apex of the intake and outtake ports. The propeller moves water from the intake ports to the outtake ports in a streamline manner. Since the intake and outtake ports funnel the water in a single direction, the user must steer with a paddle or body part. This would be analogous to how a jet ski works, but a jet ski having a movable nozzle to force the water in alternate directions, allow the user to steer by way of handle bars.

Although this is a very simple design, it is very unique in the way of having multiple intake and outtake ports used in conjunction with the motorized propeller. Utilizing a traditional surf board or standing water boards and adding a motorized component and the overall concept of a jet ski, makes this invention stand apart from other motorized water vehicles.

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