Patent No. 7,878,878 B2

Written By: Roland Casillas
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Patent No. 7,878,878 B2

Life Size Halloween Novelty Item

Inventors: Darren S. Massaro 

Description: With Halloween around the corner, I thought it would be interesting to take a few inventions geared towards the Halloween spirit to share with everyone.

Here is a life size Halloween novelty item, or manikin like figure, which is interactive. The device contains a reservoir full of fluid with is attached to a time sensitive electromagnetic valve. There are a plurality of motion sensors placed within the device to activate the reservoir to expel the fluid from the mouth of the device and into a buck in which the device is holding. The device also plays a set of messages along with the interaction to make the device more lifelike.

You will see these types of devices in or around haunted houses, people’s yards, or porches to try to scare and amuse visitors during the Halloween holiday. More Halloween inventions to come. For more information on the specifics of the device and its interworking’s, select the link below to read the full application.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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