Patent No. US 4,189,904 A

Written By: Roland Casillas
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Patent No. US 4,189,904 A

Leaf Mulcher Attachment for Lawn Mowers

Inventors: Alexander D. Parker

Description: To continue with the Fall theme and leaves dropping faster and faster now that the temperature continues to decrease, another invention that helps with leaf clean-up. This invention is an attachment to a traditional walk-behind lawn mower, not a riding lawn mower but could, to mulch leafs while cutting grass. The invention replaces the need to change the cutting blade of a lawn mower with an attachment on the grass ejection chute. The attachment is a plate the “effectively blocks the ejection chute and includes tines for mulching leaves and holes for filtering and air draft purposes” [Col. 3, lines 22-24]. The attachment is also “effective to divert the normal flow of leaves so that the blade can have more than one pass at the leaves” [Col. 3, lines 29-31].

This simple and easily attachable device allows a user to utilize an already purchased product as a multiuse device. Now all one needs is a device for collecting and/or moving the mulched leafs.

For other inventions related to the Fall season and leaf clean-up please check back later this month.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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