Patent No. U.S. 8,375,847 B1

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Patent No. U.S. 8,375,847 B1

Winch for Turkey Deep Fryers

Inventors: William P. Anganes

Description: With Thanksgiving tomorrow, I thought it would be appropriate for a safety invention for the turkey fryers out there. The invention is a winch for safely lowering and raising your turkey into a deep fryer so as to stay a safe distance from the potential hazard that is grease.

The invention is a tripod winch that is height adjustable, depending on the deep fryer being used, that is positioned over the top of the deep fryer. The winch stands surrounding the deep fryer and is removable. The winch includes a steel cable, basket, hook, and optionally an electric-powered portion. This combination allows a user to safely raise and lower the turkey, or other food, into a deep fryer from safe distance so as not to be splattered by the hot oil inside.

With this invention, a user can safely cook a turkey for Thanksgiving. But, please be safe when doing so, “[t]hese fryers are not without their hazards. Accidental fires have been caused by these fryers creating blazes which cannot only destroy a home but take lives as well.” [Col. 1, lines 24-27]. Hope everyone have a safe and wonderful holiday.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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