Patent No. 6,568,120 B2

Written By: Roland Casillas
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Patent No. 6,568,120 B2

Ice Fishing Trap

Inventors: Kasmir Smolinski 

Description: With the cold weather currently surrounding us, in some locations, people find ice fishing as a retreat to manage the weather. With the use of an icehouse and some other amenities, it takes the cold out of winter. To assist in one’s ice fishing venture, Kasmir Smolinski came up with an additional tool to use while ice fishing.

A “trap” is created, suspending the trap within an ice fishing hole so that when a fish is caught and pulled from the hole, the fish cannot slide away back into the icy waters. The trap consists of a plurality of retainer members that restrict the flow of objects in a single direction being hinged to only open in the up direction. When force is applied in the opposite direction, down, the retainer members are forced closed clamping any object hanging between the retainer members. This will catch the fish prior to entering the water and allowing the fisherman to keep their catch.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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