Pat. No. 1,809,593 A

Written By: Roland Casillas
      Web and Blog Editor

Patent No. 1,809,593 A

Folding Ornament of Expansible Tissue

Inventors: Henry E. Luhrs

Assignee: Beistle Company


With Valentine’s Day this week, February 14, 2017, I thought it would be interesting to find something related to the holiday spirit. I would assume most people would have seem something like in this in their lifetime at one point or another.

Henry has designed a collapsible tissue paper ornament by using an intricately cut piece of tissue paper that is folded on one edge so as to be fastened to cardboard material, so that when opened, displays the full ornamental design in a three dimensional form. Understanding that this invention is not limited to any specific shape, Henry has designed the Valentine’s ornament as an Ofelia Heart with an arrow extending from one end to the other in the background.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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