Biographical information on C. Chandlee Pidgeon (C.C. Pidgeon), the Journal's sixth Editor in Chief. 

Not much is known about C.C. Pidgeon, aside from the fact that he served as Editor in Chief of Volume 8, Issue Nos. 11 & 12 of the Journal, which were published in July and August of 1926, respectively. 

Taken from 8 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 509 (1926): 


Taken from 8 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 557 (1926):


Pidgeon served as Treasurer of the Patent Office Society (the predecessor to the Patent and Trademark Office Society) and was also an Examiner in Division 21, as can be seen by this page in 25 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 611, 617 n.24 (1943):



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