Journal Staff

James Choi, Editor-in-Chief
Joshua Schwartz, Executive Director
David Laux, Managing Editor
Gerard Torres, Financial Director
Tara Laux, Assistant Editor-in-Chief
Jerry Ma, Technology Director
Jordan Jackson, Digital Content Director
Schyler Sanks, Assistant Executive Director 


Article Editors

Cheryl Butler
Diana Cheng
Brandi Doyle
Tara Laux
Justine Levy
Pinping Sun

Adil Partap Virk 

Staff Editors

Luther Behringer
Joan Goodbody
Parikha Mehta
Qianping He
Renee Luebke 


Board of Governors

Rachel Highland
Luther Behringer
Adil Partap Virk 

Society Officers

Rebecca Eisenberg, President
David Lotter, Vice President


The Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society is a medium of expression for the exchange of thought in the fields of Patents, Trademarks, and Copyrights; a forum for the presentation and discussion of legal and technical subjects relating to the useful arts; a periodical for the dissemination of knowledge of functional attributes of the patent, trademark, and copyright laws, in order to effect a more uniform practice thereof and through which all interested in the development and appreciation thereof may work to a common end.

The Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society is also peer-reviewed in that the Editorial Board including the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor, Article Editors and Staff Editors possess qualifications and experience as intellectual property attorneys (the Editor-in-Chief, Managing Editor and Articles Editors must possess at least a Juris Doctorate degree) or patent or trademark examining professionals, making them sufficient peers or experts for reviewing and evaluating the articles and scholarship that are submitted, editing them and ultimately publishing them.

The Journal is published quarterly by the members of the Patent and Trademark Office Society. To see more about the Patent and Trademark Office Society, please click here.

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