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Website Advertising will receive a 50% discount if the same advertisement is purchased for print in the Journal. Additionally, the advertisements for IP Job Openings will be posted on and

The Journal is a non-profit magazine and has only a limited space for advertising. Copy and Cancellation must be received by the 5th of the previous month of the publication or charges may apply.

Checks and money orders should be made payable to the “Patent and Trademark Office Society.” In order to cover charges and currency exchange rates, checks and money orders for foreign accounts should be drawn on U.S. Banks and paid in U.S. dollars. All checks and money orders not drawn on U.S. Banks must include an additional $50 to cover all charges or they will not be processed.

Payments should be made payable to the Patent and Trademark Office Society.
Copies of advertisements, replies to advertisers, and payments for advertisements should be directed to:

Attn: Financial Director, JPTOS, PO Box 2600, Arlington, VA 22202

Questions and concerns regarding advertisements should be directed to or to Alexander Sofocleous.

**If a display advertisement needs to be re-formatted to fit one of the sizes a $100 charge will be billed.

Journal/Website Advertisement


Please select from the form below to advertise in the Journal (hard copy) and/or on the Websites. Prices are based on per QUARTER rate.

PRINT LINE ADS ..... $25 per line (Two line minimum.)


1/3 Page (4.5 in. wide x 2.25 in. high) ..... $300
1/2 Page (4.5 in. wide x 3.25 in. high) ..... $350
2/3 Page (4.5 in. wide x 4.5 in. high) ..... $400

1 Full Page (4.5 in. wide x 6.75 in. high) ..... $450

Inside Front Cover ..... $500
Table of Contents ..... $500
Inside Back Cover ..... $500
Outside Back Cover ..... $500


Banner Advertisement ..... $400
Column Advertisement ..... $350
IP Job Openings Page ..... $300
IP Services Page ..... $300

You can submit your advertisement text, files or graphics via email to or to Johnathan Lindsey.

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