Biographical information of Edwin M. Thomas, the Journal's eleventh Editor in Chief. 

Below is a brief biographical summary of the life and career of Editor in Chief Thomas when he resigned from the Examining Corp., printed in 28 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 57 (1946): 

Editor in Chief Thomas was also a Military Captain, and resigned as Editor prior to March 9th, 1942 when called to active military duty, as reflected in this Letter of Resignation printed at Change of Editors, 24 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 227 (1942):


Later on in his career, Captain Thomas became a Lieutenant Colonel, Judge Advocate General's Department, in the Research and Development Division, Army Service Forces, and in 1946, left the Office to accept a position with Wallace and Cannon, Patent Law Firm of Chicago, Illinois, as reflected by Former Journal Editor Accepts Position with Chicago Patent Law Firm, 28 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 304 (1946):


Since his passing, a Law Professor Chair Designation in his name has been created at Brigham Young University School of Law, and is currently being held by Professor Cheryl B. Preston.




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