Introducing Edison: JPTOS’s Open Access Journal

For the past 96 years, the Journal of the Patent & Trademark Office Society has been at the forefront of legal thought in the field of patents, trademarks and copyright. Our articles have launched the careers of countless academics and practitioners and are regularly cited by the Supreme Court. With this history in mind, I am pleased to announce the creation of Edison, a new open access journal which will supplement our print publications.

JPTOS is a journal dedicated to the exploration of issues in the field of patents, copyright and trademarks. This focus has served our readership well, but it comes at the expense of a larger debate on the intersection of law and technology. This is the niche that Edison will fill.

Edison’s first article is available now. Professors James Donovan, Carol Watson and Caroline Osborne explore the recent rise in open access journals and argue that there is a quantifiable advantage for authors who choose the open access route. I cannot imagine a more appropriate inaugural article.

Sean Burke JPTOS Editor-in-Chief Berkeley, CA editor@jptos.org
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