Past Editor in Chief Biographies

Check out the Past EICs page (you can also click on the text in the header banner immediately above to the right) to see biographical data compiled of the first fifteen Editors in Chief of the Journal: George P. Tucker, William I. WymanE.C. ReynoldsW.B. JohnsonV.I. RichardC.C. PidgeonMax W. TuckerHoward S. MillerDr. Joseph Rossman, Ph.D.P.J. FedericoEdwin M. ThomasJohn H. MerchantMilton WeissmanGerald H. Bjorge, and Louis Zarfas


Truly a group of remarkable and outstanding individuals, each of them having fascinating backgrounds and life stories: from the very first EIC who held a LLB from George Washington University and an LLM from American University (George P. Tucker), whose son, eight years later, served as the seventh EIC (Max W. Tucker), to an Army Captain having to leave the EIC post when called to active military duty to serve in WWII and who later became a JAG Lieutenant Colonel (Edwin M. Thomas), a Lehigh Civil Engineering graduate who "was employed on important engineering projects in New York State and elsewhere, including the Niagara Power and Development Company project and the great ship canal from Lake Erie to the Hudson River" (E.C. Reynolds), a regular contributor to Scientific American, who won first prize in a 1913 essay competition held by the publication on the subject "What Are The Ten Greatest Inventions of Our Time, and Why?" (William I. Wyman), a mathematician, Examiner-in-Chief, author of 56 JPTOS articles and co-drafter of the Patent Act of 1952 (PJ Federico), a 1915 University of California graduate who received a Master's degree in Physics at that institution and a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Engineering from Syracuse University (Howard S. Miller), a former Organic Chemistry Professor who was head of the Chemistry Department at DePauw University (Wellington B. Johnson), a Primary Examiner with over thirty years of examining experience who famously testified to the Senate Judiciary Committee in 1973 regarding the Hart Bill (Milton Weissman), a prolific author with a B.S. in Chemical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, a LLB and MA from George Washington University, and a Ph.D in Psychology from American University (Dr. Joseph Rossman, Ph.D), a former Treasurer of the Patent Office Society - as it was called back then (C.C. Pidgeon), a past Library of Congress employee who "obtained a working knowledge of library science" (V.I. Richard), a trademark expert who served as EIC for the longest period of 25 years (John H. Merchant), a previous Associate USPTO Solicitor, BPAI Chief Examiner and founder of the Federal Circuit Bar Journal (Gerald H. Bjorge), and a MIT graduate known as, according to Patently-O, the "primary examiner associated with the most issued design patents" (Louis S. Zarfas). Later EIC bios forthcoming soon!

Again, the main page listing all the biographies is also at the Past EIC page here.

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