Biographical information of John H. Merchant, the Journal's twelfth Editor in Chief. 

When previous Editor in Chief Edwin M. Thomas resigned from his post in March of 1942 to answer the call of active military duty, it was Merchant who took over the responsibilities of the role, as described in Change of Editors, 24 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 227 (1942): 


For the next two and a half decades, Merchant went on to achieve the notable distinction of being the longest serving Editor in Chief, sheparding the Journal through a total of 25 volumes (Volumes 25-49) from 1943 to 1967. Below you shall find an exceptionally well-written summary and homage to Editor in Chief Merchant's career and extensive tenure with the Journal by James E. Merna. See James E. Merna, A Passing Scene, 51 J. PAT. OFF. Soc'y 52-55 (1969):



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