Volume 97, Issue 1

The Editors, Administrative Staff and Board of Governors are pleased to announce the newest issue of the Journal of the Patent and Trademark Office Society.
  • Frederico and Rossman Awards Joshua Schwartz The Open Access Advantage for American Law Reviews James M. Donovan, Carol A.Watson & Caroline Osborne
  • Investigating Inherency: Inception to AIA Robin A.Weatherhead, Ph.D A Critique of Recent Opinions in Patent Interferences and Derivation Proceedings Charles L. Gholz
  • Unpatentability by Design: The Overlooked Use of Inter Partes and Post-Grant Review to Challenge Design Patents Sara Rose Bennett & Jonathan R.K. Stroud CAD’s Parallel to Technical Drawings: Copyright in the Fabricated World Nathan Reitinger
  • The Great Balancing Act: Limiting Trademark Risks For Early-Stage Businesses in a Limited Capital Environment Nicholas Herdrich
  • Sandoz v. Amgen: Why Current Interpretation of the Biologic Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009 is Flawed and Jeopardizes Future Competition Carl J. Minniti III
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