Patent No. U.S. 3,532,344 A


Written By: Roland Casillas
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Patent No. U.S. 3,532,344 A

Golf club and glove including coacting non-slip elements and grip positioning means

Inventors: Benjamin Masstab

Description: In the continued evolution of golf equipment, Benjamin patented a non-slipping material to be placed both on the glove and the grip of the golf club to “promote[ing] proper grip of a users hand with respect to a handle…” and to provide “a means for preventing such slip or twist even when the handle is wet” Col. 1, lines 29-30 and lines 36-37, respectively, US Patent 3,532,344.

The design uses “a two-member flexible hook and loop fastener” or Velcro® as we all know it to be, which is attached to both the glove and grip of the club. A player would align these portions attached to each member, palm and fingers wrapping the grip of the club in a known fashion, prior to making a golf swing. These attachments promote consistent gripping patterns, which is very critical to consistency and accuracy of each shot taken.  

The addition of this accessory, the prior glove being plain, assists the player in continuing the educational experience of golf. This is but one item to have been added to a golf glove in prior years and there are plenty more which help, and possibly hurt, the game of golf.

Golf and it’s theories of swing mechanics have evolved over time and so have the products. More patents relating to golf and their use to come.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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