Pickup Truck Tent Camping System

Written By: Roland Casillas
      Web and Blog Editor

Patent No. 6,481,784 B2

Pickup Truck Tent Camping System

Inventors: Lee B. Cargill

Assignee: Enel Company

Description: To continue with the camping theme, this invention is similar to the latest Innovative Patents post, but this time the tent is in the rear, cargo box, of a vehicle.

The current invention is a pickup truck tent system that allows a user to build a tent in the pickup truck cargo box on a platform so there is usable storage beneath the tent structure. The structure easily ties into the pickup truck cargo box through the use of brackets and slats to raise the assembly above the cargo box floor. The design seems similar to today’s bed frames or box springs building a comfortable support system beneath the mattress, or cushioned layer. As seen in some of the figures, a cushioned layer can be added for more support and to also block out the view of the cargo box itself, while still being easily accessible.

Again, similar to the previous Innovative Patents post, this design will assist in the elevated structure to keep away from certain camping scenarios in the wilderness.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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