Wildfire Protection System

Written By: Roland Casillas
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Patent No. 6,360,968 B1

Wildfire Protection System

Inventors: Timothy Orrange and Gary J. Sweeton

Description: I was supposed to go camping this upcoming weekend in the Santa Barbara California area, but earlier this week there was a wildfire in the area that canceled the plans for myself and others planning on doing the same. So, in light of the weather being hot and dry in many places across the country, keep this invention in mind.

The wildfire protection system is a sprinkler system for your home which sits on the top of the roof at its ridge. The multiple sprinkler heads are easily removable and lightweight. The sprinkler consists of a rotating sprinkler head and a set of legs for support. Each of the sprinklers can be connected in series to one another. The set of sprinklers can then be connected to water hose which will then supply the water. Or in the alternative, the set of sprinklers can be connected to a reservoir which can pump water to the set of sprinklers as needed.

To expand on this invention, one could create an automated system for turning on and off the sprinklers when in need similar to those sprinkler systems out in farmer’s fields.

To see the full description of the invention follow the link.

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