Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win

Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win, 2nd Edition

Asha Puttaiah

How does one decide where to sue if litigations can be contemplated in multiple countries? Consider a corporation with a national patent in a designated economic regional forum whose international competitor own a legal (but later) patent in their own country - what is the end goal of the corporation? Market entry or ownership? What are the chances of success? For that matter, what is considered success? Invalidation? Infringement? Licensing potential? The answers are ‘I don’t know,’ ‘Kind of, ‘No,’ and ‘Maybe’ – in any order you wish, There is no simple answer.

Global Patent Litigation: How and Where to Win (Second Edition) edited by Elmer and Gramenopolous (2016) is a nearly 3-inch tome of patent litigation strategy. This book provides a methodology of inquiry and analytical tools to use in analyzing the questions above at multiple levels.

99 J. Pat. & Trademark Off. Soc’y 525(2017)

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