Volume 101 Issue 2: Sneak Peak

Here’s a sneak peak into Volume 101 Issue 2

  - PTAB Practice Tips: Comparing Appealable and Petitionable Matters 

The Honorable James A. Worth

             The Inherency Doctrine: A Performance Review 

Ryan Pool

            Patenting an Invention as a Free Black Man in the Nineteenth Century 

Kathleen Wills

               - Computer-Generated Inventions 

       Michael McLaughlin

- Vanda v. West-Ward: Swinging Back the Pendulum for Patenting Natural Phenomena 

Kevin A. Sforza

- I Wrote This, I Swear!: Protecting the "Copyright" of Fanfiction Writers from the Thievery of Other Fanfiction Writers 

Narisa Bandal

- Preambles: Form over Substance 

Roy Y. Yi

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