Biographical information of Pasquale Joseph Federico (P.J. Federico), the Journal's tenth Editor in Chief. See Wikipedia, Pasquale Joseph Federico and this Mathematician Biography at Stuart Anderson's "Tiling by Squares"


Editor in Chief Federico is also the namesake of the Pasquale J. Federico Memorial Award. In addition to co-drafting the Patent Act of 1952 - with Federal Circuit Judge Giles S. Rich - and being a mathematician as well as an Examiner-in-Chief, Federico was a prolific author and publisher of articles in the Journal as well, having 56 articles to his name, including authoring 20 articles during his time as Editor in Chief. Perhaps the most fitting and in-depth tribute to his life and career has been written by Judge Rich in Giles S. Rich, In Memoriam: P. J. (Pat) Federico and His Works, 85 J. PAT. & TRADEMARK OFF. Soc'y 83-91 (2003) (Reprinted from 64 JPOS 3 (Jan. 1982)):




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